Personal Training is the FASTEST way to get fit! Try a session with one of our coaches today and watch how fast you can get in amazing shape!


ATL Fitness 24/7 is the ONLY 24-hour gym that combines a 24/7 workout facility with TOP NOTCH boxing, kickboxing, and HIIT bootcamps. Our 24-hour gyms have TONS of free weights, machines, cardio equipment, functional workout stations, and DOZENS of boxing and kickboxing areas, both for you to take one of our 150 classes per month at, and to train at independently or with one of our one on one coaches! Our facilities are a hybrid of 24-hour gym, high touch customer service, online coaching options, and boutique group exercise classes that are never too big and taught by professional level athletes! If you want maximum flexibility and maximum results ATL FITNESS 24/7 is for you!


We can accommodate your schedule no matter what it is!

Cost varies depending on how much you want to train, but rest assured we can work with almost any budget. We have training packages that range from unlimited sessions per week, down to virtual personal training that doesn’t require actually doing sessions with the trainer, but allows us to build a custom and continually updated workout plan complete with form videos and results tracking features that will give you the benefit of a trainer’s knowledge for an economy price.

Our sessions are typically 30 minutes, but can be extended to 1 hour in certain cases.

We can accommodate personal training clients of almost any age young or old!

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