ATL Fitness 24/7 has a HUGE selection of boxing classes. 30-minute classes, 45-minute classes, 60-minute classes, and private one on one boxing lessons for as long as you can handle! Boxing is an AMAZING workout, that helps build great physiques, and teaches real self-defense skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.

From celebrities to athletes to the girl next door, boxing is a favorite group fitness activity for one simple reason: IT WORKS! If you have trouble getting your cardio workout on a boring treadmill or feel the need to learn some real skills while you get your exercise in, all while in a friendly, fun, 24-hour gym setting that also has TONS of equipment, weights, and workout stations.

From cardio boxing classes, to contact sparring training programs, to technical skill building workouts, ATL FITNESS 24/7 has a boxing class for you! 


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